Green Energy Solutions

McJones Energy is a independent green energy company developing private sector energy projects with the use of renewable energy technologies such us solar, wind, biomass, hydro power and others. We design, build and operate commercial and utility-scale energy projects and take a pragmatic approach in project development, procurement and asset ownership. Equally, we are focused on the production of biofuels such as Granular Active Carbons from coconut shell waste and Bioethanol from Cassava and other starch-based crops.

It is our aim to make a significant contribution to the world by helping to meet carbon-reduction targets in the fight against climate change. We are focused on becoming an innovative and prominent forerunner in the global green energy market in a global community facing stark choices. We target the world`s fastest growing economies, where the need for energy has created tremendous opportunities within the energy sector.  We leverage synerggies through partnerships with established technology firms in Europe, North America and Asia for knowledge transfer and for to grow our solid green energy project pipeline.

Our Vision

To be a global leader in the green energy solutions market


Our Mission

We are committed to meeting the increasing demand for better service delivery through efficient management of our core business of designing, building, and operating green energy assets to deliver optimum economic and environmental benefits including the reduction of greenhouse-gas-emissions. We are focused on being established as a “Total Solution” giver for governments, local communities and the private sector by the strategic deployment of green energy technologies for sustainable development.


Corporate Governance


McJones Energy conducts business - and expects our Partners to conduct business with us and others - fairly, impartially, and with the highest degree of ethical behavior, and in full compliance with all applicable laws and regulations. Our condut of business is guide by strong ethics, which regulates the behaviour of all our employees and Partners.

As a company focused on global growth, we interface with a range of stakeholders including customers, community groups, suppliers and many others. These groups, together with other organisations and individuals with whome our businesses interact, take a close interest in what we do and how we do it. 

Our objective is not only to protect the reputation of our business and to safeguard the investment of our Partners but also to protect the interests of every employee as well as encourage responsible behaviour. Consequently, our Core Values are a fundemental part of how we do business as well as driving our dynamic corporate culture