Energy Service Provider


Our offering in the field of Green Energy Solutions and Project Development is diverse. The have partnerships with strong engineering teams and technology providers who bring on broad extensive experience gained from over various realised projects worldwide. This allows us to meet the specific wishes of our customer and to develop tailor-made solutions for a wide range of conditions on site. Futhermore we are evolving from being simply a project developer into a comprehensive energy service provider – ranging from tenant electricity to obligatory direct marketing. Whether energy services, project development, consulting, monitoring, insurance or financing, we are your competent partner towards achieving a green energy future.


We stands apart from the competition in the quality of our delivery.  Every commercial job is supported by a dedicated Project Manager who will help you from initial meeting to commissioning, O&M and beyond. Our service offering is focused on Project Development, EPC, Operations Management and Consultancy.  We shall be glad to discuss your project and to show how we can add value to it.

Project Development

The best value creation and largest number of jobs in the renewable energy sector are in the field of project development of individual systems and power plants. This is hardly surprising, since accurate expert assessments of local solar radiation and wind conditions are an essential prerequisite for precise calculations and economically viable system operation. We have the trained specialist personnel required to cover every stage of the process, from initial wind or solar radiation assessments through area development to the measuring of and logistics for the components needed. This ensures that we are able to guarantee you fast, smooth development of your project to deliver maximum efficiency.  Parallel to this, we can also assist project developers during the development process. Whether on technical, legal or financial issues or as a partner, we can provide you with support for your wind or photovoltaics project.


An engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) contract is the most common form of contract used to commence construction works by the private sector on large-scale and complex infrastructure projects. Ultimately an EPC contract takes an initial project idea and turns this into a reality; effective communication and strong capabilities are vital characteristics for an EPC contractor in order to carry out the project successfully.

Our engineers are the brains behind the planning, design and implementation of all our projects. They typically carry out a site assessment, and client consultation to understand if the site itself meets the requirements to successfully utilize a proposed energy scheme before continuing into the design and implementation stages. Our procurement team combine the local planning, equipment and installation requirements for each site to produce a detailed project budget and build schedule. Liaising regularly with suppliers and contractors ensures goods & services provided are cost effective and can be delivered on time. In the construction phase, we ensure quality and excellence are continuously achieved by using carefully selected suppliers and ventors  for our projects. There is a detailed schedule planning onsite for labour, resources, plant and materials. Logistics play a leading role in large construction schemes with numerous materials being delivered in a short time frame. Our site managers ensure that health and safety protocols are fully applied and build quality standards are continually monitored by our technical compliance team to ensure the optimum delivery of the project design.

Operations Management

We at McJones Energy guarantee to coordinate the monitoring on all our components – our O&M team carry out regular checks to ensure guaranteed performance ratio & availability are maintained. The team, depending on the terms of engagement, may also maintain the grounds work after construction which includes vegetation management and maintenance of swale and drainage systems where necessary, ensuring the construction continuously reflect our highest standards. We proudly hold a strong relationship with our onsite shepherds, asset managers, CCTV security, land owners and monitoring specialists to make sure that all on-site components are reaching their optimum level of performance – at all times.  System maintenance, engineering & consulting, fault management, data & information management and administration are ultimately the key areas our O&M team will react upon instantaneously supporting the continuous production of our sites.

Asset Management


Asset Management is the asset’s most important stakeholder, they have direct relationships with key contractors, land owners, market players, OFGEM and equipment suppliers. Managing all contractors in unison, active site management and regular performance monitoring drives maximum performance and revenues from the assets.  Asset Management can be broken into 3 key areas; Financial, Commercial and Technical:


Financial - bookkeeping and accounting, management accounts, tax administration, annual budgets, stat accounts and audits.

Commercial - compliance, contract management, landowner liaison, insurance management, KPI reporting.

Technical - Site visits, regular monitoring and analysis, O&M management, H&S management, DNO liaison.


We also provide consultancy services to handle all aspects of project development for Asset Owners.  Please speak to our team and we shall be glad to help.